Thank you for the opportunity to introduce "Astrosound Electronic Co., Ltd.". Astrosound has been the original equipment manufacturer and supplier for over 40 years in China. Our company was established in Taiwan, China in 1960 as a parent holding company by the name of Chua Tai Electronic Co., Ltd., which distributed a line of security sounding devices as well as full line of Loudspeaker Drivers designed and manufactured in Taiwan.

    During 1960 to 1998, Chuan Tai has been supplying a full line of audio drivers to several reputable Hi-Fi equipment manufacturers located in North America and European Region. The owners of Chuan Tai, after 10 years of assessmentand evaluation, decided to set up its first operation in China. This became a reality in 1998 when Mr. Alex Wu came to Shanghai China to setup its first liaison office and became registration process with local government. Thus, the name, Astrosound Co., Ltd. was born on July 1, 2000. Astrosound has since acquired its production base in the town of Tian Ning, County of Jia Xing, a suburb 95 kms southwest of downtown Shanghai and 113 kms east form ZheJiang Provincial capital, Hangzhou. Fast expansion has lead to the phase III construction occupying more than 6347 square meters of new modernized facility, which was completed in February 2003. With the joint effort R&D involving a group of US Audio Engineers and the local talents, Astrosound has been able to manufacture, under the ISO-9000 quality quideline, the followings: Variety of loudspeaker hard component including but not limit to Baskets, Front and Back Plates, Magnets, Mesh Grills, PA accessories(handles, corner protectors, mesh front panels);Loudspeaker soft components such as Voice Coils, Spiders, Cone papers, Dust Caps, Diaphragms and Piezo Elements; Machine Parts and Molded Injection Plastic Parts; V-grooved Miter-Fold Vinyl and Wood Veneered Cabinets for audio speaker system; Carpet Boom Boxes, complicated band-pass, transmission-line speaker cabinets; In-Ceiling and In-Wall speaker systems as well as accessories. Astrosound are now developing many serious new products, auch as AcoustaBar, 5.1 Home Theater, iPod Speaker System.