MODEL:   TL-101
  ˇńAll-in-One Design for Simple Connection
ˇńPatented Built-in Dual Subwoofer Design 10x Bass Improvement over Conventional Woofer
ˇńSRS Bass Enhancement
ˇńVolume Control Equalization Technology with 8 Sound Field Effect EQs: Disco,Blues,Jazz,Classic,Pop,Pure,Flat and Rock
ˇńConnects to TV/DVD and AUX (MP3\MP4) Devices
ˇńUSB-Based MP3 Devices
ˇńS/PDIF Optical/Coaxial Digital Input &(3)RCA Analog Inputs for Best Sound
ˇńPortable Game Console Audio Enhancement
ˇńLarge Informative LCD Screen
ˇńHigh Gloss Finish
ˇńWall-mount Ready
ˇńGreen Speaker Certified
ˇńUniversal World Power AC Adaptor
  All-in-One Home Theater System  
  AcoustaBar TL-101 All-in-One Home Theater System, built on SRS™ 3D technology, features 6 drivers, including dual subwoofers, delivering up to 240 watts of total power to bring the listening experience of a movie theater to your home. Dialogue clarity is also improved, and the sound field isdramatically expanded both horizontally and vertically.  
  Multiple Sound Effect Equalizer  
  The equalizer of the TL-101 speaker is a perfect way to tailor the personal taste of the music and tonal experience. TL-101 system includes 8 equalizations, such as DISCO, BLUES, PURE, POP, CLASSIC, ROCK, JAZZand FLAT(no equalization).  
  Built-in Subwoofer  
  AcoustaBar TL-101 All-in-one Home theater System is equipped with our patented high efficient transmission line acoustics to enhance low frequency performance naturally. Powerful and impressive bass can be delivered throughout the listening space effortlessly.  
  Simple Connection  
  AcoustaBar TL-101 requires just a left and right audio connection, or a single digital S/PDIF connection, and AC power supply.  
  Technical Specification  
  Hardware included