MODEL:   TL-80
  ”ńAll-in-One Design for Simple Connection
”ńPatented Built-in Dual Subwoofer Design 10x Bass Improvement over Conventional Woofer
”ńSRS Bass Enhancement, SRS 3D Surround and Dialogue Focus
”ńVolume Control Equalization with 8 Sound Field Effect EQs:Disco,Blues,Jazz,Classic,Pop,Pure,Flat and Rock
”ńConnects DVD and AUX (MP3\MP4) Devices
”ńS/PDIF Optical/Coaxial Digital Input
”ńPortable Game Console Audio Enhancement
”ńLarge Informative LCD Screen
”ńHigh Gloss Finish
”ńWall-mount Ready
”ńGreen Speaker Certified
”ńUniversal AC Power Adaptor
  All-in-One Home Theater System  
  AII-in-One Home Theater System,TL-80 is built on SRS™ 3D technology, features 4 drivers, including dual sub-woofers, delivering up to 240 watts of total power to bring the listening experience of a movie theater to your home. Dialogue clarity is also improved, and the sound field is dramatically expanded both horizontally and vertically.  
  The equalizer of the TL-80 speaker is a perfect way to tailor the personal taste of the music and tonal experience. TL-80 system includes 8 equalizations, such as DISCO, BLUES, PURE, POP, CLASSIC, ROCK, JAZZ and FLAT (no equalization)  
  AII-in-One Home Theater System,TL-80 is equipped with our patented high efficient transmission line acoustics to enhance low frequency performance naturally. Powerful and impressive bass can be delivered throughout the listening space effortlessly.  
  Simple Connection  
  TL-80 system requires just a left and right audio connection, or a single digital S/PDIF connection, and AC power supply.  
  Green Speaker Certified  
  Technical Specification  
  Hardware included