MODEL:   SD-320
  ¡ñAll-in-One Design for Simple Connection
¡ñPatented Built-in Dual Drivers Power Bass Compression Subwoofer
¡ñSRS WOW Surround and Dialogue Focus
¡ñVolume Control Equalization with 8 Sound Field Effect EQs : Disco, Blues, Jazz, Classic, Pop, Pure, Flat and Rock
¡ñRecharges iPod
¡ñPlays iPod and MP3 Music
¡ñPortable Game Console Audio Enhancement
¡ñS/PDIF Optical/Coaxial Digital Input& (3) RCA Analog Inputs
¡ñConnects to DVD, TV and AUX Devices
¡ñLarge Informative LCD Screen
¡ñGreen Speaker Certified
¡ñHigh Gloss Finish, MDF Chambered Cabinet
¡ñPower: 340 watts
¡ñFrequency Response: 36-20 K HZ
¡ñImpedance: 4 ohm
¡ñUniversal AC Power Adaptor
¡ñOptional Features: USB, SD, AM , FM, HDMI
  All-in-One Home Theater System  
  AcoustaBar™ SD-320 AII-in-One Home Theater System, built on SRS™ WOW™ technology, features 6 drivers, including dual sub-woofers, delivering up to 430 watts of total power to bring the listening experience of a movie theater to your home. Dialogue clarity is also improved, and the sound field is dramatically expanded both horizontally and vertically.  
  Made for iPod®  
  Turn your iPod®, or iTouch® into a room filling surround sound audio system just by placing the iPod® player in the docking unit. AcoustaBar™ SD-320 system is easily controlled with the supplied remote controller. iPod® functions are available through system remote controller. iPod® player can even be recharged while it is being played or turned off.  
  Power Bass Compression Engine  
  AcoustaBar™ SD-320 AII-in-One Home Theater System is equipped with our patented Power Bass Compression Engine to enhance low frequency performance. Powerful and impressive bass can be delivered throughout the listening space and rock you along with the music rhythm from head to heel.  
  Simple Connection  
  AcoustaBar SD-320 requires just a left and right audio connection and AC power supply.  
  Technical Specifications  
  Hardware Included